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GSBN:Roll Call

Hallo All,
I am Barbara Jones. My background is in 20th century building practice, I've
been working for 20 years as a carpenter and builder, running my own
business for 12 years. Seven years ago I became inspired by straw bale
building and have radically altered my perspective and my practice of
building since then. Increasingly, I work with natural, sustainable, and
non-toxic materials. I live very frugally, and I try to enable people to
become involved in the building process themselves, believing that being
part of the process is transformational and empowering.
I've lost track of how many buildings I've been involved in, but it must be
over 30 by now.Usually I teach strawbale principles as part of a build, and
natural plasters, lime,clay etc. and work with people by phone, email or
correspondance on their own designs. These days we, that is, Amazon Nails
(currently myself and Bee Rowan, with a network of others who are
self-employed) don't act as a construction firm, we prefer to use local
labour (from sustainable principles) and to continue to share skills and
knowledge as widely as possible. Since 1995 I've been answering enquiries
about s/b on a voluntary basis and sometimes find it hard to sustain, but
only when my life is too frugal!
I'm a member of SBBA(WISE) and work on a voluntary basis for their
newsletter, Baling Out. Together with Bee Rowan, I am part of Straworks, a
non-profit organisation which should eventually take over the unpaid aspects
of my work, since it can fundraise. I teach practical skills, give lectures,
produce drawings and construction details, and try to keep a good balance of
fun and purposeful work in my life.

Please note new address: barbara@...
Amazon Nails. Strawbale building, training, consultancy, empowerment.