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re: GSBN:Roll Call

Hi, I'm Andre de Bouter (Dutch) and living in France since half a year with my wife Coralie Ferioulaud (French). 

I started out as a butcher (family madness, I guess) and studied marketing management since I (naively) believed Marketing is about finding out the needs of people and then finding ways to fulfill those needs while making a living. 

At some point I stumbled on 'the Straw Bale house' and it turned on the lights big time!
I quit my job, followed two workshops and Coralie decided it was time for us to go to India where we gave a  SB workshop in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. 

When we came back to Europe we bought a piece of land in France, sold our apartment in Holland and started making plans for our SB construction.
We also took a month to travel through Europe with Catherine and Betty Wanek to visit SB-people and SB-projects.

When the drawings were done we left for France, bought an old caravan and set up camp in Charente, France. 
At the moment we are building our 240m² house/'hotel'.

To share the SB/sustainability gospel, we are creating a place to receive people for guided tours and SB workshops as well as other workshops and bed and breakfast.
The idea is that people talk all their lives about a nice (SB) holiday experience.
We'll see what happens. 

Other dreams are.

*Publishing our material (India/Europe/our house and whatever comes next) on our website in French/Dutch/English. Under Construction. 
*Getting the 'official' French SB website started
*Creating a European SB video
*Creating a CD-ROM (I will sent an email on this subject later)
* Make 11 children and have a few chickens
If any of you have figured out how to squeeze 48 hours in a day, let me know ;-)

To make some money again I will work as a tourist guide in a Cognac-house for the summer.  

Have a nice day
Andre de Bouter