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 Thanks for adding me to the list. I look forward to hearing from one and
 particularly with respect to conversion of UK/USA style measurements into
 By way of introduction, I am an Irish citizen resident in Spain, where I've
 lived off and on since 1973. I also lived in Bisbee, Arizona, USA, home of
 Steve Kemble of Sustainable Systems Design, who_along with partner Carol
 Escott_has done much straw bale building work. I'm also acquainted with
 Larson of Silver City, NV, USA, who recently built a straw bale home

 I have not yet participated in workshops or wall raisings but am quite
 interested in doing so. I hope to build a straw bale home here in Spain and
 would like to learn if any EU-wide standards for straw bale have been
 promulgated and if not, if any plans are in the works for such a proposal.
 am firmly committed to the belief that straw bale housing (particularly in
 Spain) represents a sensible and viable alternative to the environmentally
 unsound building methods in use here and elsewhere and plan to address the
 issue by enlisting all possible support from governmental and corporate
 bodies: the "inside the tent " approach advocated by the late Lyndon Baines
 Johnson. I'm semi-retired, so I hope to invest a fair amount of time in the
 I'm a willing learner, so any and all info will be appreciated and put to

 I'm grateful too to be a part of the GSBN network. I look forward to making
 the acquaintance of many of you, both in cyberspace and in person when

 Tim Cullen
 Avenida Manuel Siurot, 3, 4-6-4
 41013 Sevilla
 34 954 620 620