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Re: GSBN:roll call

Pacific Northwest of the USA checking in. Straw bale design and construction are the fun part of my architectural practice. Environmentally
responsible design is what I practice, in three directions; consulting to other professionals and government agencies, developing and promoting
workshops, and architectural design.

In 1994 I got my straw bale feet wet with the first permitted load bearing house in Washington State. Now my straw bale work has gone
international. Last year we (an international team of volunteers) finished a house on the Island of Rhodes, Greece. This month I'm on my way to
Saudi Arabia to begin the construction of a straw bale public library and small mosque.

Two years ago I began a web site, but never got it mounted <http://www.blixa6.com/cs_architects/welcome.html>, maybe if I update it, I find
something to do.

Best wishes to you all,

Chris Stafford
Christopher Stafford Architects, Inc.
1044 Water Street, #326
Pt. Townsend, WA 98368
360/379-8541, fax 379-8576