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RE: GSBN:roll call


I don't know that I should even be on a list with all of you who have soooo
much experience and who get to do straw bale for a living, but figured I may
as well let you know I'm here.  I live in Austin, Texas and I was the
Program Coordinator and the money tender for the Straw Bale Assoc. of Texas
the last couple of years.  Just gave up those duties because of having class
on meeting nights this semester.  By day, I am an Environmental Program
Coordinator for the municipally-owned electric utility here.  By night, I'm
a metalsmith wannabe.

I've helped build and stucco a number of straw bale houses since 1996 when I
found the Straw Bale House Book, got really excited about it and started
attending SBAT meetings.  I do intend to build my own straw bale house, but
won't need it until I retire in four years (I do get to retire young...not
because I'm loaded, but because the "City" lets us!  Can start something new
then...something focusing on straw bale perhaps?!).  I guess if I started
building now, it would work out just about right, judging by my friends'

Thanks for letting me be in the company of so much experience and knowledge.
If any of y'all plan to be in Austin around the 4th Wednesday of a given
month and would like to stop by our monthly meeting and give a presentation
on what you've been working on (as well as meet folks in the business here),
please let me know ahead of time and I'll get with the current program
coordinator and set something up.  We love special visitors from other
places with different perspectives!

Sue (Suraiya) Murray
Austin, TX