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GSBN: roll call

Hello fellow strawbalers and friends,
this reminds me of homework at school as I have managed to be as late as
always to hand in my work, sorry!!
I, Frank Thomas, born and cultivated in orderly old Germany, have enjoyed
living and working in beautiful Australia for the last 9 years. After
finishing my apprenticeship and a two year long jail term (for refusing
compulsory military service) in Germany I started to travel the world as a
member of the traditional journey/tradesman guild "Freiheitsschacht". The
aim of the journeyman is to gain new skills, become an expert tradesperson
and extent his/her knowledge of cultural, social and political issues of our
world. My interest in alternative building technologies became alive around
1986 when I was part of a team specialising in grass-roof construction.
Apart from my involvement in many smaller alternative building projects and
participation in seminars and workshops a highlight of this awakening was my
participation in a large solar-active/passive mudbrick research project in
India. It has not always been easy to centre my work and life efforts on the
alternative angle of things as financial needs often meant to accept work at
a conventional building site. However, since becoming involved in bale
building (through a strawbale course given by John Glassford) about for
ago, the support from networking, keeping contacts and the inspiration from
all the other
bale-people out there has helped me to establish myself in this sustainable
world of building. Today I run my own company called
Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction in New South Wales,
Australia. If you would like to have a look at my last project see
www.members.sia.net.au/tgibson/strawbalesite/index.htm My own website with
heaps more details about what we do is currently under construction, will
mail the URL as soon as it is ready. Thanks everyone for sharing your
knowledge and info within the global network of GSBN, will be back soon with
more details about the highly compressed bales.
Cheers, Frank