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GSBN:GSBN roll call

Hallo GSBNers.

Finally, a still day so I'm able to stop staring out the window at my new
wind generator spinning on the hill, and able to justify myself to the
global bale conspiracy!

My name is Chris Magwood, and I've been a full-time bale builder for the
past five years, constructing a wild variety of bale buildings from cute,
affordable bungalows to luxury mansions to a box-like commerical building
to a three-story tower. I've also written a book called Straw Bale
Building: How to Plan, Design and Build with Straw, which hasn't made me
rich or famous, but has vastly increased the amount of email I answer...

My bale obsessions include working out viable, effective details for bale
buildings (and to that end, I'm guest editing an issue of TLS on the
subject, for which we're still looking for submissions) and integrating
affordable sustainable technologies into bale buildings. To those ends I've
cut down on the amount of building I do to allow me more time for design
work and consulting with architects, engineers and designers.

My first exposure to the wider bale community (we're a bit isolated here in
Canada) was at the conference in Nebraska last fall, where I finally got to
meet all my heroes and talk to them like they were real people. I'm excited
about the prospect of continuing to talk to you all in just such a manner
on this list.




Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction