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GSBN:Roll Call


While giving talks in British Columbia on permaculture after six years of design work overseas, the people at the gatherings were very interested in the straw bale construction course I attended in Tucson, Arizona earlier that year,in the spring of 1995. Their interest lead to five wall raisings that first season, including the first permitted bale home in southeastern B.C.

The work here has evolved through several stages in the last five years and 40+ projects: collecting and sharing the the field and code tested methods for building safely with bales, begin bale wall moisture research in 1996 and incorporate CMHC moisture sensors as standard equipment in bale homes, focus on the serious economies of production construction methods such as air tools to hang stucco wire and carrousel stucco pumps to protect bale buildings quickly and efficiently, and explore high density load bearing walls like the air bag precompression system from Fibrehouse ltd. (Canada) and Bioblocks, standardized dense building grade bales from a variety of waste materials formed in a hydraulic press. The airbag system and Bioblocks are products of the fertile mind of Uncle Bob Platts of Scanada Engineering, Ottawa, Ontario.

all the best,

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