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GSBN:Build Here Now 2001: Natural Building and Permaculture Convergence

The third annual BUILD HERE NOW Natural Building and Permaculture
Convergence is happening June 10-17, 2001 at the Lama Foundation in Taos
County, New Mexico; once again co-sponsored by The Last Straw Journal, The
Lama Foundation, and The Permaculture Institute.

Featured Topics include:

Natural Building
*  Designing and Building a Healthy Home
*  Passive Solar Design
*  Sustainable Timber Harvesting
*  Timber Framing 
*  Straw Bale Wall Building
*  Cob Construction
*  Straw-clay Infill
*  Earthbag and Rubble Trench Foundation
*  Earthen Plasters & Floors
*  Living Roofs
*  Permaculture Principles and Practices
*  Watershed Management and French Drains
*  Fire Ecology, Erosion Control, and Forest Restoration
*  Archetype Design
*  Native Medicinal Herbs
*  Chicken Tractors
*  Road and Path Design
*  Urban Permaculture

Appropriate Technology
*  Cistern Building
*  Photovoltaic Electric Systems
*  Composting Toilets
*  Designing Biological Waste Treatment Systems
*  Blacksmithing and Toolmaking

*  Eco-village Design
*  Communication Skills and Mediation
*  Community Building

And others yet unconfirmed

Lama Foundation is situated on 105 acres of high alpine forest in northern
New Mexico, altitude 8600 feet. The land is regenerating in the wake of the
7000-acre 1996 Hondo Fire. Convergence participants are welcome to join in
Lama's daily schedule of early morning silent meditation or yoga, afternoon
classes and evening activities such as dances of universal peace, singing,
chanting, and other forms of spiritual practice.

Schedule of events - The Convergence will begin June 10 with registration
from 3-5 pm, dinner at 6 pm and evening greetings and orientation at 7:30
pm. Days will be filled through June 17 with concurrent workshops in
natural building, permaculture, appropriate technology, and community
building. Afternoon field trips to Taos Pueblo and local natural building
sites are planned for midweek.

Lodging options - At Lama yurt and tent with beds can accommodate 20 (bring
your own bedding or sleeping bag); tent sites for 100 campers. Hotels and
campgrounds are available in Taos and Questa (at additional cost).

Cost - Before May 1, 2001, $425; after May 1, $495. Children 5-16 half
price (childcare not provided). Cost includes three vegetarian meals per
day and on-site lodging.

Travel information - The Albuquerque airport is 3 hours from the site.
Carpooling and shuttle service will be available. For more info contact the
Lama Foundation at (505) 586-1269 or see http://www.lamafoundation.org

For photo galleries, articles, and other information about Build Here Now
past and upcoming, see

A printable registration form is available at


	Total # adults___ Total # children___




Phone:________________ Fax:_________________ Email:_______________

Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Novus #:____________________ Exp Date:____

Amount:________ Signature:____________________________ Check #:____

Please register me for the convergence, I have included my deposit of 50%
of the total cost. A $25 processing fee will be withheld on all refund
requests. During the three weeks prior to the Convergence the entire
deposit is non-refundable.

To request a work exchange/partial scholarship (limited availability),
email rick@... 

___ Please send information about area motels, as I prefer not to camp at
the site

___ Please send information about carpooling

Charge card payments may be phoned to (505) 586-1269... faxed to (505)
586-1964... or surface-mailed (make checks payable to Lama Foundation) to:

Attn: Build Here Now 2001
Lama Foundation
P.O. Box 240
San Cristobal NM 87564


* The Last Straw, the international journal of straw bale and natural
building, provides up-to-date information on construction techniques,
projects, research/testing/code issues, resources, other information and
inspiration written by and about those who design, build, research and live
in natural buildings. An educational non-profit organization, The Last
Straw Journal promotes ecologically-conscious choices about the way we live
and build.

* The Permaculture Institute empowers people to care for the Earth and its
inhabitants. Through permaculture education we seek to catalyze the
development of healthy, regenerative partnerships - with nature, our
communities, our families and ourselves. Permaculture provides a critical
foundation to facilitate healthy relationships by: 1) encouraging people to
view the world as a web of partnerships; 2) promoting an ethic that
supports personal and planetary health; 3) introducing skills, tools,
techniques, and a decision-making process for taking regenerative action.

* The Lama Foundation is a spiritual community and educational center
dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, respect for spiritual practice
in all traditions, service and stewardship of the land.  Perhaps best known
as the place where Ram Dass wrote his seminal book Be Here Now, Lama serves
as a "meeting of the ways," and teaches the oneness of all paths. Each
summer a series of retreats are held and many join the Lama community to
experience a life-style rich in spiritual practice and personal growth
through service to others.


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