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GSBN:SB in India

Hello people.

I recently got a request about information about bale building in India. I
seem to remember at some point hearing about a project there (were they
making their own bales using human foot-power?). Anyway, I've offered Vivek
any help I can give, but there are probably others who are better suited to
answer her questions. Her original message follows:

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Subject: Low cost housing
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:09:56 +0530
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Thank you Chris,

I am a project consultant dealing in Food Processing/Information
Technology/Process Automation/Power Generation Projects. I am personally
associated with community development projects undertaken by some Non
Governmental Agencies in our area.

Have you ever visited India? If not, soon you should. I foresee to your
visit to our place.

Recently, as you know, an earthquake devastated western part of India where
concrete houses collapsed and killed the inhabitants. In such regions, your
research may help people build safe houses.

In some regions in our country environment comes last where resources are
very low. People adopt low cost housing out of necessity than for any other
reason. I have great expectations from your research.

I will check your website first and then respond with my queries.

Please add me to you mailing list and post me whatever notes/papers you
exchange on this subject.



Vivek Metta
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Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction