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GSBN:Subject: Help to build the first Ukrainian straw bale house!

Hi all.

I see that a few of us got this message and I just wanted to share it 
with GSBN.  -  I have not yet responded directly to this message.


>Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 19:11:13 +0300 (EEST)
>From: "Bohdan Popov" dancho@...
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>Subject: Help to build the first Ukrainian straw bale house!
>Reply-To: "Bohdan Popov" dancho@...
>Dear Friends!
>My name is Bogdan Popov. I represent a Ukrainian project called Equites. .
>Equites is a network of humanitarian projects united by a common goal -
>search for the ways of harmonious co-existence of the mankind and the
>nature. One of the Equites projects, particularly, is dedicated to 
>the creation of a special demonstration center in Ukraine, which 
>would serve a true-to-life
>example of meeting the basic human needs (habitation, food and energy)
>without harming the environment. The project also suggests holding the
>workshops on the matter, issuing the special literature and providing the
>informational and technical assistance to those willing to use the
>environmental-friendly methods in practice. 
>The Equites project meets the challenge of bringing the mentioned
>issues for consideration of the wide audience by means of the latest
>interactive mass media technologies, like live TV programs and on-line
>Internet broadcasting.
>This summer we plan to hold an action at the Open Air Museum of Folk
>Architecture in Kiev called "A straw bale house in one day".  We 
>want to show the possibility of building a house very quickly using 
>straw-bales as in-fill materials for the walls. This will be the 
>first straw-bale structure in Ukraine and it would serve as a basis 
>for further development of demonstration site in the Open Air Museum 
>where we plan to present different alternative building methods 
>(including passive solar design) together with other examples of 
>appropriate technology and gardening. Museum of folk architecture is 
>a great place for this  since it is annually attended by thousands 
>of people.
>Of course, we will not build a real house. This is going to be a structure 5
>meters wide and 7 metros long left unplastered (or plastered later) for
>demonstration reasons. Simple gable roof. No attic and floor. Four 
>windows and one door. Something which looks like a house (or at 
>least causes this impression).  The interior will be later used as 
>an exhibition space. We will put there stands with the information 
>on straw-bale technology and associated items.
>What we need now is finding the right technology for this action which will
>allow to assemble the house in one day. In our case we are making a show
>for TV and this is very essential.  
>In the "Straw Bale House" book I found the information about George
>Swanson's  "Whole House Truss System".  It seems to me the quickest
>and beams seem to be another option.
>How I see this action.  The foundation is poured beforehand and all the parts
>(including the trusses, windows and door) premanufactured. Every part is
>numbered. We assemble and adjust everything carefully noticing how 
>much time is needed for every step and then take it apart.  Then the 
>action itself starts. In early June morning four people of Equites 
>team come to the site and quickly start to work. In case we use 
>whole trusses, the team will tilt them into place, put the window an 
>door boxes, lay purlins  and  then split into two groups. The first 
>one will put the roofing (I think corrugated metal is the quickest 
>way) while the other will fill the walls with straw bales. The group 
>which is finishing first will come to help the other and when all 
>this is done, the whole team will put the windows and doors. They 
>need to finish it before sunset and when they actually do it there 
>will be a night concert and light show.
>What makes a big problem here is the absence of architects who actually
>work with wooden structural frameworks (I mean trusses and stuff 
>like that). I would really appreciate if somebody will send me some 
>plans of whole trusses and modified post&beams. Then I can show them 
>to the wood workers and order what we need for the action.
>I am trying to contact George Swanson and ask him about the details of his
>method.  Does anybody know his e-mail address?
>Please, pass this letter to other straw-bale people. We need to hear 
>an experienced word since this is our first straw bale house.
>Join our projects!  We are open for partnership.
>Best wishes and welcome to Ukraine,
>Bogdan Popov
>Equites Project
>Tel. (+38044)235-45-07
>E-mail: dancho@...

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