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Re: GSBN:Query from Spain: SB & cooling technologies

This is not a very large building, and many options might serve. It depends on the desired layout, access, frequency of loading and unloading the building, etc, as to what would be the most appropriate configuration. Obviously, maintaining cold temperatures when the surrounding environment is hot requires insulation. Strawbales seem like a good candidate.

When I lived in Idaho, I learned that many farmers had used strawbale insulation in barn-like structures to protect and store their potatoes at the proper temperature. The two most common systems that I saw were bales stacked over the top of arch-shaped metal quanset huts, and bales stacked up the sides and over the roof of rectangular section concrete buildings. Sometimes, A-framed wood structures were used. In all cases, the bales were not structural. It was common to cover everything with a few feet of dirt. Perhaps something similar would serve this case. Kurt Rathman might have more info on the Idaho techniques.

Jumbo bales might be used, as well.


--On Thursday, April 26, 2001 11:30 AM -0400 Mark Piepkorn duckchow@... wrote:

I am contacted by a bio-farmer in the North of Spain who needs a
400m3 cooling space for preserving his crops just above freezing

Do you think straw-bale is an option ?
What about the cooling technology, any good suggestions ?

They live quite remote, ready for a challenge.

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