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GSBN:2002 International SB Corroboree Down Under

G ' day Global Straw balers

My LittleWolverine and I would like to take this opportunity to announce
that in November 2002 from the 25-30 th. we will be holding the
International Straw Bale Corroboree Down Under, here in Golden Ganmain.
Details are sketchy at the moment but David Eisenberg, Matts Myrhman and
Judy Knox have indicated that they will be attending as key note
speakers.  We have invited, and will be inviting several leading
exponents of straw bale building from Australia and from around the
world to present papers and we expect a very good response.

There will also be plenty of hands on as we will be building a straw
bale structure as part of the shindig using Ganmain straw, earth and of
course Golden Ganmain Chaff for the render.  The building we propose to
build will probably be the Arts and Crafts building for the local
Ganmain Show Society or it could be the Ganmain Railway Station keep you

Australian Earthgarden magazine through Alan Gray are supporting the
Corroboree and all is set in place with support coming from the Coolamon
Shire Council.  Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga have also been
approached for logistic support.  Lots of hard work but this Conference
will be focusing on low cost sustainable straw bale building techniques
as well as the top end of strawbale building.

Please feel free to put your two bobs worth in as we need all the help
and advice we can get from all of you.  More details will be posted on
our web site as soon as I have added a new page for this conference.  If
any of you Global strawbalers would like to be part of this chin wag on
SB sustainable building then please call or email me as your active
participation will be most welcome.  Do not forget to put November 2002
in your diaries.

All for now and keep baling.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027