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GSBN:Re; The Largest SB in the world.

G ' Day Global Balers

Sorry but I thought that I had better send you this URL and FYI only.


I have some problems with the design etc as you know.  It is in a 22"
rainfall area with sqaully weather straight off the Antartic.  I know I
used to live 56 miles away in Ballarat.

Anyway for what it is worth the owners are claiming it to be the largest
SB building in the world some 1,500 square metres.  We paid a visit to
it recently and it is a very well built SB frame-in-fill, other  than
that I have no comments to make.  It is open Friday and the weekends
great food and great local wines.

I hope we will be able to visit the building as part of the Corroboree
2002 Down Under as part of the straw bale building tour after the

Kind regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027