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GSBN:The Largest SB in the world.

In a message dated 5/3/01 6:10:34 AM, huffnpuff@...:

>G ' Day Global Balers - Sorry but I thought that I had better send you this 
URL and FYI only.
I have some problems with the design etc as you know.

Wow!!  Me, too!  That Santa Fe style should be renamed "Leaks Guaranteed", 
and seeing it done with big SB walls extending above the roof gives me the 
shivers.  Let's hope we're all wrong, but I'll bet they have moisture 
intrusion already, and with that cement render that the Straw Wolf loves so 
dearly . . .

> . . . Anyway for what it is worth the owners are claiming it to be the 
>SB building in the world some 1,500 square metres. 

That may be, but the record will then soon fall to a 1600 sm winery currently 
under construction (with huge overhangs) in Healdsburg California one hour 
north of San Francisco.

Can't let you Aussies take claim to biggest, unh uh, no sir.  Not us 

big bruce king
worrying bigly about water problems