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Re: GSBN:International Straw Building Registry (was: A different kind of number crunching estimate)

http://www.strawhomes.com/registry/  - This one didn't seem to work for me.  Have others had problems with it - or is it just me?



> Ok folks,
> Those web addresses below now work.  Please take a quick look and see
> if we've left out any crucial questions.  We hope to begin coding the
> database in the near future, so please get your feedback to me asap.
> BC
> >David Eisenberg posted a question yesterday asking how many SB
> >buildings are being built , and mentioned that EBN is looking for
> >such statistics.
> >
> >I wanted to let you know that we're about to put together an
> >International Straw Building Registry (together with The Last Straw,
> >and possibly DCAT, though we obviously hadn't told them about it
> >yet).  It'll be a self-listing of straw bale construction world
> >wide, and we'll be soliciting help from every corner we can so that
> >we can get a reasonably accurate listing of straw bale activity.
> >
> >Because there is quite a bit of concern about privacy, each listing
> >will have the option to choose the level of public view of their
> >record:
> >
> >__We are open to drop-in visitors
> >__We are open to visitors by appointment
> >__ We are open to contact by researchers only (location and contact
> >info will available on a limited basis through the organizations
> >maintaining this database)
> >__ We are NOT open to visitors at all, please use our listing only for total
> >numbers. (location and contact info will be suppressed)
> >
> >Some of the reasons for undertaking such a project are:
> >
> >       demonstrate the popularity of SB
> >       provide a listing of SBs that are available for the public to visit
> >       assemble data on mortgages and insurance
> >       act as a contact list for future research and performance testing
> >
> >The URL will probably be http://SustainableSources.com/sbregistry/
> >and http://www.strawhomes.com/registry/ - there's nothing there yet,
> >though.  I'll try to get something up there in the next few days.
> >We already have a list of questions that I solicited from some of
> >the leaders in SB worldwide, and will post that list to solicit your
> >input.
> >
> >BC
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