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GSBN:list of GSBN listees/Belarus

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Hello David,

I would like to "identify" myself - my e-mail is on list more then 2
years( iae@user.unibel.by), some activities in SB - on

 Warm regards,
Evgeny Shirokov, Belarus

понедельник, 11 Июнь 2001, you wrote:

Sac> Thanks Bill for posting the GSBN subscriber list.  I've quickly gone
Sac> through it and added the names of those who I could identify or remember
Sac> and their country.  Perhaps someone could fill the list out so we know
Sac> all the names and countries too. If anyone has suggestions for
Sac> appropriate people to add as representatives for those countries that are
Sac> unrepresented as of yet, I'd recommend that we consider such additions.

Sac> Thanks.

Sac> David