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GSBN:SB Questions from German ph.D candidate

>From: "Taha Ashour" thashour@...
>My name is Taha Ashour, now I make the ph.D degree in Germany 
>in the field of "using of straw bale as building materials for 
>farm structures." I did not found any informations and any tests 
>about fungus and microorganisms inside the bales, also I did not 
>found enough informations and tests methods for mechanical 
>properties of the bales.
>Please if you have any papers or any informations please send it 
>to me, and I want to participate in the Journal of "The Last 
>Straw," and what about the costs for this.
>I wait for your replying ASAP.
>with kind regards
>Taha Ashour
>Bundesallee 50     FAL(BB)
>38116 Braunschweig
>Tel. 0049-531-596-4432.
>Fax. 0049-531-596-4499.


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