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Enclosed some updating from Hungary and POP THE CORK!

Dear Martin,

I've a kind of disappeared in the last months. But there was a
considerable progress in Hungary since you were here.

The walls are finished, and the roof is nearly ready in Sarospatak at
Ildiko and Kristof's site. The second family home has a finished basement
in a small willage near Budapest, and the wall raising will be in mid
July. The third structure will be a small building to dehydrate fruits
(within two weeks...) The fourth one again a family home this summer....

My hungarian website tends to be an important source of information.
Take a look at http://draconis.elte.hu/szalma

And finally: we will meet on friday in Illmitz :)))
I'll have plenty of photos from Sarospatak with me.

      and a small animation at: