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GSBN:Update: International Straw Bale Registry

Hi Folks,

We've been working away at the International Straw Bale Registry, and we're ready for your feedback.

I've just completed the majority of the work on the Registry page and the Update page. Search page is next.

More updates are coming - Mark Piepkorn (duckchow) did some cleanup on the page presentation, but I haven't included that in the live version yet. Also still to do:

--In both the Register process and the Update process, the stuff you've entered shows in a narrative form and asks you to confirm that it's correct. Due to other changes, the narrative now doesn't come out right. Need to clean that up.

--If they can't get the address/password combo right, they'll be given the opportunity to email the correct info to the existing contact email address. This part may require some human intervention at times, as it may require someone to go in and find the record that most closely matches. We'll automate what we can, but we'll have to decide who's going to take on that role.

Please have a look at http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com, and please enter an actual structure into the database. I'll be needing some real-world data to work with. Let me know if you notice anything that can be improved.

Note that if there is more than one structure with a given street address and password, the Update form will display all the matches for you to choose from. Try address = "123" and password = "passy" for a demonstration of this.

Thanks to Frank and Duck for the input. If any of the rest of you have comments, I'd like to hear them.
Bill Christensen

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