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Re: GSBN:Update: International Straw Bale Registry

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi Bill,
Been looking at the new registry site. Is this meant only for the USA? If
not there are some problems for us over here.
1. Addresses in Ireland don't have a zip code, so making that field
compulsory is a problem.
2. If not wanting to give the whole address due to privacy, this can also be
a problem with the compulsory fields.
3. I would prefer you to ask the question " If you used an
architect/designer" rather than just architect, as many other sorts of
people help to design and build, not just architects.
4. Any tips on how to input lots of info fast? I think I've about reached
the number 40 in the places I've built!

But it looks good and is a great idea, well done to all who are working on
Barbara Jones

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> Hi Folks,
> We've been working away at the International Straw Bale Registry, and
> we're ready for your feedback.
> I've  just completed the majority of the work on the Registry page
> and the Update page.  Search page is next.
> More updates are coming - Mark Piepkorn (duckchow) did some cleanup
> on the page presentation, but I haven't included that in the live
> version yet.  Also still to do:
> --In both the Register process and the Update process, the
> stuff you've entered shows in a narrative form and asks you to
> confirm that it's correct.  Due to other changes, the narrative now
> doesn't come out right.  Need to clean that up.
> --If they can't get the address/password combo right, they'll
> be given the opportunity to email the correct info to the existing
> contact email address.  This part may require some human intervention
> at times, as it may require someone to go in and find the record that
> most closely matches.  We'll automate what we can, but we'll have to
> decide who's going to take on that role.
> Please have a look at http://sbregistry.sustainablesources.com, and please
> enter an actual structure into the database.  I'll be needing some
> real-world data to work with.  Let me know if you notice anything
> that can be improved.
> Note that if there is more than one structure with a given street
> address and password, the Update form will display all the matches
> for you to choose from.  Try address = "123" and password = "passy"
> for a demonstration of this.
> Thanks to Frank and Duck for the input.  If any of the rest of you
> have comments, I'd like to hear them.
> --
> Bill Christensen
> billc@...
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