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Re: GSBN:Update: International Straw Bale Registry

Hi Bill,
Been looking at the new registry site. Is this meant only for the USA? If
not there are some problems for us over here.
1. Addresses in Ireland don't have a zip code, so making that field
compulsory is a problem.

Certainly not limited to USA. But I have to rely on the feedback I get from other countries about what works and what doesn't.

I've got the zip problem covered, sort of... If you skip that field while entering, the error message that you get back will ask you to put an "X" in there instead. I'd have put those instructions on the entry page, but it could get messy to do so.

I've done the same for State and a few other required fields.

2. If not wanting to give the whole address due to privacy, this can also be
a problem with the compulsory fields.

As long as there's some text in there - even simply putting "withheld for privacy" or similar - it'll work.

At the risk of having to add more questions... do you think we should ask which of the contact info to publish? For example:

"Publish the following contact info on the Registry website (if you accept visitors, you must choose at least one):
	__mailing address
	__physical location
	__contact phone
	__contact email

3. I would prefer you to ask the question " If you used an
architect/designer" rather than just architect, as many other sorts of
people help to design and build, not just architects.

Good point.  I'll make that change.

4. Any tips on how to input lots of info fast? I think I've about reached
the number 40 in the places I've built!


I could probably put together an excel spreadsheet that you could fill in and send to me. You'd be able to do it offline, but you'd still be answering the same number of questions 40 times. But you could copy and paste repeatable information (like Architect/Designer and Builder) that way.

Give me a chance to get the Search mechanism up and running, and I'll be able to turn attention toward upgrading what we already have.

In the meantime, please go ahead and fill in the data for one or two real structures. I need data to work with for the Search page.

Bill Christensen

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