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Re: GSBN:Update: International Straw Bale Registry

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi Bill,
This all sounds fine. I think your new question on how to contact people
should go in, as you've suggested.
I'll put a couple of entries in and see how they work for you.

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> >Hi Bill,
> >Been looking at the new registry site. Is this meant only for the USA? If
> >not there are some problems for us over here.
> >1. Addresses in Ireland don't have a zip code, so making that field
> >compulsory is a problem.
> Certainly not limited to USA.  But I have to rely on the feedback I
> get from other countries about what works and what doesn't.
> I've got the zip problem covered, sort of... If you skip that field
> while entering, the error message that you get back will ask you to
> put an "X" in there instead.  I'd have put those instructions on the
> entry page, but it could get messy to do so.
> I've done the same for State and a few other required fields.
> >2. If not wanting to give the whole address due to privacy, this can also
> >a problem with the compulsory fields.
> As long as there's some text in there  - even simply putting
> "withheld for privacy" or similar - it'll work.
> At the risk of having to add more questions... do you think we should
> ask which of the contact info to publish?  For example:
> "Publish the following contact info on the Registry website (if you
> accept visitors, you must choose at least one):
> __mailing address
> __physical location
> __contact phone
> __contact email
> "
> >3. I would prefer you to ask the question " If you used an
> >architect/designer" rather than just architect, as many other sorts of
> >people help to design and build, not just architects.
> Good point.  I'll make that change.
> >4. Any tips on how to input lots of info fast? I think I've about reached
> >the number 40 in the places I've built!
> Well...
> I could probably put together an excel spreadsheet that you could
> fill in and send to me.  You'd be able to do it offline, but you'd
> still be answering the same number of questions 40 times.  But you
> could copy and paste repeatable information (like Architect/Designer
> and Builder) that way.
> Give me a chance to get the Search mechanism up and running, and I'll
> be able to turn attention toward upgrading what we already have.
> In the meantime, please go ahead and fill in the data for one or two
> real structures.   I need data to work with for the Search page.
> BC
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> Bill Christensen
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