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Re: GSBN:Argentina SB contacts

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<font size=3>At 11:33 AM 8/25/01 -0500, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>The only contacts I know in
Argentina are Lucia y Luciano at 7generaciones@...
They're involved in the Builders Without Borders project,
<a href="http://www.builderswithoutborders.org/"; eudora="autourl">http://www.builderswithoutborders.org</a>
, one of the many wonderful things coming out of the Black Range Lodge. 
Hi All, 
Thanks Bill,  for the flattering endorsement!  I have already forwarded John Glassford's email to Luciano and Lucia, and asked them to set in touch.  Also, Kelly Lerner did some SB work in Argentina, so I cc-ed her as well. 
Meanwhile -- Here is a message I just sent to the BWB members about an upcoming initiative.   Any help will be appreciated.  ---  Catherine 
Dear Members, 
Some of us New Mexico members have committed to a new Builders without Borders project -- helping construct a straw-bale home in Anapra, a colonia of Juarez, Mexico -- across the border from El Paso, Texas. So far the committed core team is: Alfred von Bachmayr, Catherine Wanek, Derek Roff, &amp; Pamela English. 
We feel we have the opportunity with this home, not only to help one family, but to set an example of affordable passive solar straw-bale construction in an area of great need, where the climate ranges from 100+ temperatures to below freezing, and homes are subject to high winds.  
It is for the family of Jose Luis Rocha, the chief builder of the Annunciation House straw-bale community center in Anapra. (This is where we helped teach a plaster workshop in May.) By Mexico standards, they are not poor enough for some of the other agencies to help -- but they currently live in a pallet house of under 300 sf, with four children. Jose Luis and his wife Sylvia intend for his mother to come live with them when the new home is completed. 
He created his own design, which Alfred von Bachmayr is turning into a set of plans. It will feature passive solar design and we plan to utilized Alfred's concept of using pallets to fabricate roof trusses. Jose Luis is comfortable with using an earth plaster inside, and would prefer a cement stucco outside. 
Straw-bales have already been secured on site, which is on a sandy mesa above the Rio Grande. Jose Luis is committed to building the foundation for the structure before the wall raising. He is collecting a pile of "urbanite," ie broken concrete, for this purpose.  
</font><font size=4>We have visited the site, and scheduled a work week at the end of October -- about Oct 28 - Nov. 3, 2001, during which we plan to build the straw-bale walls, complete the bond-beam and pallet trusses, and plaster the first coat of interior and exterior plasters. We would appreciate volunteers to help during this week and with the tasks listed below. 
</font><font size=3>+A Point Person in Mexico who can be doing what Patrick Suhrbier (who is leaving Annunciation house at the end of August) has been doing so far. This person needs to be able to speak Spanish and can look for materials we need in Mexico and be the interface with Jose and his family. (we are looking locally for this person.) 
+A Contractor-type person who will do material lists and help Alfred and Derek with the building detailing design, and who will obtain needed  
materials on the US side. This person should work with the coordinator to obtain tools needed for the work week. (This person would ideally arrive about a week ahead of the workshop.) 
+An Assistant Coordinator for the building week in October, who helps Catherine set up housing, food, water, tools, transportation, etc. We will also be inviting various Border Area housing organizations to this week-long workshop, to help and to learn. 
+A Fund Raising person to find funds for building materials and if possible to pay key personnel and/or reimburse for personal expenses. (Pamela English has offered to work on this, also.) 
+Persons documenting the process for our files and future promotion (Catherine will shoot stills and video, but could use help with that, as well as a written report.) 
+ We may need to offer Jose Luis help before the workshop, in completing the foundation, and after the workshop, with various loose ends. Persons with Spanish language skills and/or stone masonry skills, would be most welcome. 
We will use our Black Range Lodge as a base for preparations, and can offer housing/food to non-local volunteers arriving to help.  
Please contact me at the info below, with questions and to volunteer. 
</font><font face="Garamond" size=4>Catherine Wanek (&amp; Pete Fust) 
<i>The Black Range Lodge 
</i>119 Main Street 
Kingston, NM 88042 
505-895-5652 fax 505-895-3326 
</font><font face="Garamond" size=4 color="#0000FF"><u><a href="http://www.zianet.com/blackrange/lodge"; eudora="autourl">www.zianet.com/blackrange/lodge</a></u></font><font face="Garamond" size=3>