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Hello to you all,

As you may be aware, Catherine Wanek approached me prior to the 2nd
Nebraska Straw Bale Conference last September about taking over as
managing editor of TLS and moving The Last Straw journal's operations
from New Mexico to Nebraska.  The transfer is nearing completion,
awaiting final IRS approval of the 501(c)(3) I'm setting up - this
should occur some time early in 2002.  The nonprofit foundation to which
TLS will transfer is the Green Prairie Foundation for Sustainability.

The GSBN list's statement of purpose includes the following:  "The costs
of operating the list have lately been underwritten by The Last Straw
Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and
technical editing arm."  I ask your continued help and support as an
advisory board and technical editing arm of TLS.

While the transfer is being completed, I will begin to write, edit copy,
layout and assist with each issue.  Catherine arranged issue topics and
editors as follows: TLS #36 - Solar Solutions, Guest Editor - Dan
Chiras, Evergreen, CO.  The next two issues, TLS #37 - Going Commercial,
and TLS #38 - Roofs & Foundations, will be edited by Chris Magwood,
Ontario, Canada.  Dan and I are currently working on TLS #36 with
Catherine's guidance and assistance.  Chris will be sending a request
for articles for TLS #37 and #38 to the GSBN list and others soon.

This is a plea to all members of GSBN to share your comments and ideas
about the future of TLS - its content and format (what should be
continued, what should be added, what would make the publication have
more value for you and others), its potential as a national and
international publication for the sb and natural building community, its
financial future (how to gain more subscribers from a wider audience
worldwide, broadened to include related audiences such as codes
officials, building and agriculture industry, housing and commercial
builders and developers).  Your suggestions and advice will be of great
help in maintaining the quality of this publication while moving it
forward to meet the needs of the owner/builders and the professionals as
well as the broader community of sustainable building.

Please feel free to contact me directly at any time, now and in the
future, and to speak openly and honestly for it is with your help that
we will make progress!

Joyce Coppinger
2110 South 33rd Street, Lincoln NE USA
Ph 402.483.5135 * tollfree phone: 800.910.3019
email:  jc10508@...