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Re: GSBN subscription

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Hi Bill
I don't think I should receive GSBN email, since I never have time to read
it. Straw Building (or building in general) hasn't been my main interest for
some time now. I'm more into music, family and friends. However my neighbour
Dagfinn Lorentz (marpa@swipnet.se) reads "everything" on the web about
strawbuilding and has built a small Nebraska style house close to my own
Straw Home. He might be interested in following GSBN if that is ok with you.
Many thanks for these interesting Strawbale years with GSBN.

Stefan Wallner

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> Datum: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 01:23:34 -0600
> Till: s.wallner@...
> Ämne: GSBN subscription
> Hi Stefan,
> Your previous address which was subscribed to the Global Straw
> Building Network (GSBN) listserv has been bouncing.
> Please let me know if this is the correct address to use, and if you
> would still like to receive GSBN email.
> Thanks
> BC
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> Bill Christensen
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