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Re: GSBN:Re: 365 days to go International SB Corroboree 2002


I'm very impressed with how much you have accomplished in a short time in
terms of the Corroboree and AUSBALE.  Congratulations!

Joyce Coppinger

>From: Huff 'n' Puff Constructions huffnpuff@...
>To: strawbale@...,  GSBN@...
>Subject: GSBN:Re: 365 days to go International SB Corroboree 2002
>Date: Fri, Nov 30, 2001, 2:59 PM

> Good Morning Balers
> First day of summer here down under.  1st of  December 2001.
> Beautiful day here in Golden Ganmain not a cloud in the sky
> if a bird flew across the sky it would spoil it!  Many birds
> flying around at the moment from Galahs to Sulphur Crested
> Cockatoos, Parrots, magpies warbling and so on.  365 days to
> go to the start of our Corroboree, so just to remind you to
> put it in your diary.  Top temp. today expected 25 degrees
> Celsius or Kelvin, whatever that is on Fahrenheit, it is
> glorious weather.
> The cockies are busily harvesting wheat and the headers are
> going flat out.  The paddocks around here are full of stooks
> ready for the hay stacks to be made.  Just as they will be
> this time next year.
> The Charles Sturt University and AUSBALE (The Straw Bale
> Building Association of Australia,) in conjunction with Huff
> 'n' Puff are going to conduct this Corroboree here in
> Ganmain and Wagga Wagga.  We are calling for those of you
> who wish to participate to look at presenting papers for the
> conference.
> The theme:  Low Cost Sustainable StrawBale Building for all
> People of the Planet.
> As part of the conference we will be building The Hall of
> Reconciliation and Keeping Place in conjunction with the
> Wiradjuri people of this area.  The Council of Elders will
> be meeting on the 15 of December to advise us of what they
> want from a Keeping Place and Memorial Gardens to their
> people who died in the Wiradjuri wars.
> There will be a web site for the SB Corroboree 2002 and that
> will be up and running on the 28 of February 2002.  In the
> mean time please contact me here for any queries and ideas.
> Kind regards The Straw Wolf
> http://strawbale.archinet.com.au
> 61 2 6927 6027