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GSBN:Lime and Cement Plaster

Hi All,
On a residential straw-bale project in Capitola, CA (coastal California climate, but a protected site with little driving rain), I've specified an exterior plaster 1 part cement: 1 part lime: 6 parts sand.

The plaster contractor, an great experienced plasterer say he thinks the mix is just too "hot". He's worried about the mix being so alkaline that it will eat up the stucco mould (around the windows and doors) and will be dangerous for his guys to work with.

He's recommending a mix of 1 bag cement: 1/4 bay lime and 25 shovels of sand. (this is all via the general contractor so I'm not sure of the volumetric measurements of this mix - shovels compared to bags).

I'm looking for a very vapor permeable plaster - his mix doesn't sound like enough lime to me.

What have your experiences been? Any problems being burned by a 1:1:6 mix? Any complaints from contractors? Your thoughts please.