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Re: GSBN:Lime and Cement Plaster

Dear Kelly

"He's recommending a mix of 1 bag cement: 1/4 bay lime and 25 shovels of
sand. (this is all via the general contractor so I'm not sure of the
volumetric measurements of this mix - shovels compared to bags)."

Kelly this mix looks like 5/6:1:1 which is almost what you have specified.  We get 5-6 good shovels from a 40 kg bag of cement and about the same 5
shovels from a 20 kg bag of lime.  So mate I would say you are comparing apples to apples just the description is Grannie Smiths to Red Delicious.
I suppose it depends on the size of the shovel!

When we used cement in the past we always used a 5:1:1 mix for the scratch coat which went on a average 25 mm thick the brown coat 5:1:half a lime
on 10 mm thick and the colour coat 6:1:zero lime on 3 mm thick.

Never had any problems with it being a hot mix, never had any problems with it eating timber.  I am very surprised at his reaction as most render
mixes in cement are of the same ratio for brick and cement block rendering.  Best to ask him to do a shovel test per bag of cement and per bag of

Having said that I do not like cement period, on straw bales, I feel that long term we will get trouble of sorts.  Mainly from moisture from within
the building as well as long term cracking and deterioration of the cement.

I naturally prefer earthen renders with a lime putty finish with Golden Ganmain Chaff of course.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027