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Re: GSBN:Lime and Cement Plaster

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi Kelly
We usally specify 1 part cement: 1 part lime: 5 part sand, and haven't
experienced any problems. We are in a 900mm rain fall area in Victoria,

Per Bernard

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> Hi All,
> On a residential straw-bale project in Capitola, CA (coastal California
> climate, but a protected site with little driving rain), I've specified an
> exterior plaster 1 part cement: 1 part lime: 6 parts sand.
> The plaster contractor, an great experienced plasterer say he thinks the
> mix is just too "hot". He's worried about the mix being so alkaline that
> will eat up the stucco mould (around the windows and doors) and will be
> dangerous for his guys to work with.
> He's recommending a mix of 1 bag cement: 1/4 bay lime and 25 shovels of
> sand. (this is all via the general contractor so I'm not sure of the
> volumetric measurements of this mix - shovels compared to bags).
> I'm looking for a very vapor permeable plaster - his mix doesn't sound
> enough lime to me.
> What have your experiences been? Any problems being burned by a 1:1:6 mix?
> Any complaints from contractors? Your thoughts please.
> Kelly