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Re: GSBN:Lime and Cement Plaster

        If I'm not mistaken type N masonry is close to 50% portland 50% lime. 

I have  used 3 parts lime, 1 part portland.  No problem.  Lime is worse for 
some people to handle than others.  It only dries my skin out.  I've seen 
people who blister badly by having it on their skin.   That issue of TLS that 
Bill Steen put together last year was very informative.   The problem with 
adding the cement is that you loose the advantage of easy repairs which pure 
lime plaster gives you.  So you have a soft plaster (which tend to need 
repairs eventually) which is hard to repair.  Breathablility is where we 
could really use some facts...though they may be too hard to