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Re: GSBN:Lime and Cement Plaster


A 1:1:6 is our standard mix up here in Ontario (with the exception of our
first mud-plastered house this year... Yay!). We've had no problems with it
being "hot" in a way that damages materials. Just don't let it sit on the
skin too long! We've adjoined this mix to woods, plastics, metals, felt
paper, Typar, etc, and it hasn't been a problem. All that extra lime makes
for a much more workable plaster, too.

Up here, we can get a 1:1 cement/lime mix in a bag, which saves the mess of
having to split bags and mix on site. Don't know if a similar product
exists in CA, but it's called St. Lawrence Cement High Bond in the great
white north, and for some reason is cheaper than a bag of regular portland
or lime!



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