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RE: GSBN:Fwd: French translator needed!

Dear Bill,

Coralie de Bouter is French en might help you (CC). My french is just
allright for daily use.

Success, Martin
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Verzonden: woensdag 5 december 2001 18:53
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Onderwerp: GSBN:Fwd: French translator needed!

>Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 08:54:50 -0700
>From: Athena and Bill Steen absteen@...
>Subject: SB: French translator needed!
>We, at the Canelo Project need someone to help translating a text we have
>that is written in French.  Is there anyone out there who would be willing
>to assist us.  The material is cutting edge kind of stuff related to vault
>and dome construction with straw/clay blocks.
>Bill Steen absteen@...

Bill Christensen

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