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GSBN:Construction en Blocs de Terre Comprimee

on 6 Dec 2001 13:01:09 -0600
Athena and Bill Steen absteen@... wrote:
Re: GSBN:Fwd: French translator needed!

When I get it copied I shall.

[a bazillion bytes of unnecessarily repetitive material from a gazillion responses <snipped>]

Boy, if I ever see Beel you can be sure I'm going to make him write 1000 times on the chalkboard, :

"I will remember to <snip> redundant material when responding to messages sent to the GSBN List"

I'm not sure what Beel has but for those who are able to read en francais, you may be interested in a somewhat related document from May 1999, a report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) entitled :

   "Construction en blocs de terre comprimee "
        by  Ginette Dupuy, B.Arch, M.Sc.A.

It provides test data for 5 different earthen mixes
with properties including :

        (i) densite
       (ii) conductivite
       (iii) resistance thermique
       (iv) chaleur massive
       (v) gel et degel
       (vi) permeabilite
       (vii) absorption de l'eau
       (viii) resistance en compression (blocs)
       (ix) (resistance en compression (prisms)

The cost of the report is $10 for non-Canadians (I think)
and may be ordered by sending a message to the Canadian Housing Information Centre (CHIC) at CMHC.

      or on the web
      or telephone

If someone here is willing to translate it into English, I suspect that the people at CMHC wouldn't mind at all if the translation were to be made available to all who are interested (ie all the people on this List) but it might be a good idea to get CMHC's "OK" first. CMHC didn't bother translating the original because they suspected that the demand for the report would be minimal. It'd be nice to prove them wrong.

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