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GSBN:1:1:6, Lime:Cement: Sand, okey dokey in Capitola

Hi all,
Thanks to all of you who replied to my query. Typically, it turned out to be a simple miscommunication. I told the general contractor 1part lime:1 part cement:6 parts sand and she told the plaster sub, 1 bag of lime, 1 bag of cement and 6 shovels of sand. When I talked directly to the plaster sub we had it worked out in a few minutes.

He'll be using 1 bag of lime (hydrated, type S): 1 bag of cement and 36-40 shovel of sand. A bag is approximately 6+ shovels (add that to conversion tables). Now if I can only find some nuns...

For all those who mentioned earth - I too prefer earth plaster inside and out, but because of the budget, the schedule, the weather here (rainy) and a lack of contractors who can work with earth plasters, we're using the lime/cement/sand mix on the exterior.

I'm doing all the interior earth plastering (4 plus rooms of earth over straw-bale and over sheet rock ). Nice to get out of the office, but I'm a little sore... I'll have about 40 work party volunteers over the weekend to focus on the straw-bale walls. Using a 1/2" screened local clean fill-dirt, the mix is 1 part water: 4 parts clean fill: 2 parts sand and 3 parts chopped straw.

Thanks again, it's nice to know there's a knowledgeable community out there,