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GSBN:Re: Lime & Cement Plaster

While we're on the subject of plasters, perhaps some of you might be interested in the little-publicised, unpublished test report (don't ask me why, cuz man, I don't know) on the subject of :

 "Moisture Properties of Plaster and Stucco for Strawbale Buildings"

which GSBN listmember WatJohn (aka Dr. John Straube, aka the Truth-seeking Listowell Missile, aka Spice Flake, (who would never toot his own horn, I don't think he even owns a horn )) wrote for CMHC a couple of years ago.

WatJohn looked at 5 basic plaster mixes (including Portland cement, PC/lime, earthen) and 11 variations thereof, with different surface treatments (including elastomeric, siloxane, linseed, calcium stearate, latex, alkyd ) and provides us with permeance/permeability numbers for each, both in SUI and Imperial units. Unfortunately the mud in Waterloo did not produce a suitable earthen plaster so WatJohn was not able to evaluate that mix as thoroughly as he would have wished.

The report was kindly posted by Norbert Senf at his Masonry Heater Association website and is downloadable as an 18 page Adobe PDF file.


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Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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