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GSBN: Lime & Cement Plaster

I checked my copy of John's report, and here are a few numbers:

1:3 portland cement to sand - 39 metric perms (0.68 US perms)
1:1:6 portland cement to lime to sand - 295 metric perms (5.13 US perms)

These figures show that the addition of lime to a portland cement stucco mix dramatically increases the moisture permeance/permeability. I believe that the 1:1:6 mixture was the one Kelly proposed.

Derek Roff

--On Saturday, December 8, 2001 12:21 PM -0500 Rob Tom rw_tom@... wrote:

While we're on the subject of plasters, perhaps some of you might
be interested in the little-publicised, unpublished test report
(don't ask me why, cuz man, I don't know) on the subject of :

  "Moisture Properties of Plaster and Stucco for Strawbale

which GSBN listmember WatJohn (aka Dr. John Straube, aka the
Truth-seeking Listowell Missile, aka Spice Flake, (who would never
toot his own horn, I don't think he even owns a horn )) wrote for
CMHC a couple of years ago.

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