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GSBN:Topics for Future Issues of TLS


We'd like to enlist your help as members of the Editorial Committee of TLS.
by asking for your suggestions and input about topics for future issues of
TLS in 2002-2003.

The topics we are currently working on are:

TLS #37 - Going Commercial (all aspects of moving into the mainstream,
establishing profitable businesses, design and codes issues, related stories
on agriculture/bale market, etc.)

TLS #38 - Foundations & Roofs (details and designs, what's working, what
isn't, what's new, related issues)

TLS #39 - Building the Next Generation (youth and straw bale building
(educational programs, projects involving youth, developing the next
generation of builders of community and structures)

That takes us to TLS #40 - Winter 2002.  What topics would you like to have
covered?  What topics would you like to contribute articles and information

We'll share as much information as possible from the Australian Corroboree
to be held in December 2001.  And, of course we will do another issue on
research, testing and code-related issues when the EcoBuilding Network's sb
testing program and design manual are available in 2003.

We welcome ideas and contributions of articles for the topics we are
currently working on as well as for future issues.  Let us hear from you!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the Coming Year!

Joyce Coppinger