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GSBN:Still convincing my plaster sub-contractor...

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<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite><font face="arial" size=2>Hi Harry
and all,</font></blockquote> 
A happy new year to you all! 
I'm still working away at earth (interior) and lime/cement (exterior)
plasters on that house in Capitola, CA. The plaster sub-contractor used a
1:1:6 (cement:lime:sand) mixture on the scratch coat. It set up slow (as
expected) and got A LOT of check cracking (unexpected). Because of the
check cracking, the sub-contractor is hesitant to use the 1:1:6 mix on
the brown coat (which is also the final coat - no color coat). I'm
suggesting doing one whole wall in the mix to test it out, but he'd like
some technical guidelines from someone official (manufacturer, lime
association, etc).  
I'm in touch with Chemstar (lime manufacturer) and the Lime Association,
but I also wanted to check with you all on any "official"
guidelines that you might have. Thanks as always, 

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