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GSBN: Digest for 1/16/02

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-> FW: [strawbale] New Spanish and French lists!
     by "Martin Oehlmann" martin.oehlmann@...


Date: 16 Jan 2002 14:53:45 -0600
From: "Martin Oehlmann" martin.oehlmann@...
Subject: FW: [strawbale] New Spanish and French lists!


enclosed two new unlimited sb grass roots lists in Spanish and French which
add to the existing mainly European list owner-strawbale@...
Its free of charge - thanks to webmaster Simon.

Best wishes, Martin

- -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: owner-strawbale@...[mailto:owner-strawbale@eyfa.org]Namens
Verzonden: dinsdag 15 januari 2002 17:51
Aan: strawbale list
Onderwerp: [strawbale] New Spanish and French lists!

Hello everyone!

At last I have managed to create the two new lists that people requested
a couple of months ago.

The Spanish list is called paja-l@...
The French one is called paille-l@...

I am about to subscribe some people to the lists who I know definitely
want to be on them. If you do not receive another message within the next
half an hour, then you have not been subscribed.

If you want to join, here's how: Send a message to majordomo@...
with one (or both) of these commands in the BODY of the message (NOT in
the subject line):

subscribe paja
subscribe paille

That's it! You should then automatically receive an introduction message
telling you about the list.

Now for the BIG FAVOURS I need!

1. Currently the introduction message to the lists are only in English. I
need someone to translate the introduction message to each list into
Spanish or French respectively. If you can do this, please send a message
to the list so that ten people don't do it at the same time! Then please
send your translation to the list so others can check it before I change

2. I am willing to be the administrator for the Spanish list as I am
going to Spain and am interested. However, I would be VERY HAPPY if
someone else volunteered to administrate the French list. It is very
simple, all you have to do is occasionally subscribe/unsubscribe someone
manually and tell someone off if they use too many rude words in
messages! If you are interested, let me know and I will tell you exactly
what needs doing and how.

That's it, it's good to see the strawbale network growing so quickly (we
now have 87 people on the list), hope you all have an exciting
straw-filled new year!!


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