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 Hi all, 

I have a question regarding copyright to those of you with publishing 

I'm working on 4 projects (Slide show presentation, website, CDrom and a 
French book, all SB) and they will all include pictures of the SB houses we 
visited. And the pictures might be used for unknown purposes later on. 

I need to know more about where I stand 'in case off ...' 
Someone advised me the best way to protect myself is to have written proof 
that the owners are OK with us publishing pictures of their house. I'm sure 
this is the safest way, but so is building a bunker. 

How have you dealt with that? What does a publisher ask for? Is the image mine 
to use anyway I like just because I took it? Do I HAVE to mention the owner, 
architect and builder? I don't mind giving credit where credit is due, and I want to respect the owners feelings, but I want to know what I HAVE to do, and what not, so I won't. get into trouble later on. 

Bye, Andre

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We are currently building our Straw Bale house/'hotel' to receive people for guided tours, Straw Bale workshops, as well as other workshops.
We offer multimedia presentations on SB construction and are working on a (copyright free) CDrom on Natural Construction.