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Re: GSBN:copyright

Don't have the answers for Andre, though I am interested in knowing what they are. If anybody replies offlist, please copy me.

Along those lines, there was a German book (I think it was German) that came out a couple years ago - I saw somebody's copy at one of the international meetings - and it contained a number of photos of mine, uncredited, which the author evidently had taken off the web. I'm not upset - but I've always wondered how I might get a copy of that book... and better yet, if the authors might send me a free one in a goodwill gesture of thanks for the use of the pictures. Anybody know who these folks are and how to reach them?

At 05:40 AM 1/27/02, la-maison-en-paille.com@...:
I have a question regarding copyright to those of you with publishing