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re: Re: GSBN:copyright

Hi Joyce,

I'd check it with our publisher,.... if only I had one ;-)
If any of you have an example, it would be appreciated.

We  prefer to publish the book (to be) ourselves until it is mature enough to go hunting for a real publisher. And the French market might be too small for a publisher to be interested in publishing our SB book. 
The website is simply 'put on the web', by yours truly, and the publishing of our CDrom will be done by us too. I'd be really surprised if a publisher would sell our CDrom, including the copyright notice that allows anyone to copy and sell our CDrom.

I understand that having written permission would be the safest bet, but if possible I'd like to know the 'rules' of this game. What is allowed, and what is not. (I realize you might respond 'go to law school for 6 years')


> Just ask each ofthe owners to give you permission to publish photographs you
> or they have taken of their building.  You might want to consult your
> publishing company to get the proper wording and get the answers to the
> questions you're asking - they do this type of thing all of the time.  There
> may be different requirements for CD-Rom and for web page, so check this out
> with the appropriate organizations, server, company who does this type of
> work, too.
> >
> Always good to give credit where it's due.  Better to be legal than to be
> sued.
> Joyce Coppinger
> jc10508@...
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We are currently building our Straw Bale house/'hotel' to receive people for guided tours, Straw Bale workshops, as well as other workshops.
We offer multimedia presentations on SB construction and are working on a (copyright free) CDrom on Natural Construction.