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Re: GSBN:copyright

Well, I really wasn't any help at all - should have asked more questions 
before replying, huh?  OK, I'm not going to suggest you go to law school -
try searching the Internet.  I found lots of information about US Copyright
Law and interpretations.  Suppose there is similar information for
International copyright law.


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>Date: Sun, Jan 27, 2002, 3:37 PM

> Hi Joyce,
> I'd check it with our publisher,.... if only I had one ;-)
> If any of you have an example, it would be appreciated.
> We  prefer to publish the book (to be) ourselves until it is mature enough
> to go hunting for a real publisher. And the French market might be too
> small for a publisher to be interested in publishing our SB book.
> The website is simply 'put on the web', by yours truly, and the publishing
> of our CDrom will be done by us too. I'd be really surprised if a publisher
> would sell our CDrom, including the copyright notice that allows anyone to
> copy and sell our CDrom.
> I understand that having written permission would be the safest bet, but if
> possible I'd like to know the 'rules' of this game. What is allowed, and
> what is not. (I realize you might respond 'go to law school for 6 years')
> Greetings,
> Andre
>> Just ask each ofthe owners to give you permission to publish photographs you
>> or they have taken of their building.  You might want to consult your
>> publishing company to get the proper wording and get the answers to the
>> questions you're asking - they do this type of thing all of the time.  There
>> may be different requirements for CD-Rom and for web page, so check this out
>> with the appropriate organizations, server, company who does this type of
>> work, too.
>> >
>> Always good to give credit where it's due.  Better to be legal than to be
>> sued.
>> Joyce Coppinger
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