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RE: GSBN:copyright

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<font size=3>Hi all - 
If Herbert Gruber is not on the GSBN list already, I nominate him. 
He (and his wife Astrid) are indeed excellent SB and natural building
My 2 cents re permissions: 
I completelly understand Mark Piepkorn's desire to be asked for the use
of images in publication.  And to at least have a copy of the book
as minimum "compensation," as well as have images credited to
the photographer.   I'm sure this was an oversight by Herbert
in the many-faceted details of putting a book together. 
As a remedy, may I suggest that Herbert send some copies of his book to
us here at TLS, with a list of recipients -- and we could take care of
distributing them here in the US.  Herbert might even wait until
after the April Euro gathering, to send them back to the states with
American Tim Owen-Kennedy, who's planning to attend, to save postage
BTW, I sent a sample "permission to photograph" form to Andre
off-list, in case anyone else wants to see it.  I will discuss some
of his questions with the publisher I'm working with for their feedback,
too.  Will report back. 
regards to all, 
Catherine Wanek 
At 10:34 AM 1/28/02 +0100, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Hi Andre, 
A legal point of view is supporting Joyce's response. The
rules in most countries of Europe are meant as a protection of privacy.
believe your charming requests might not be neglected. 
Hi Mark, all I know which is published in German brochure is "Bauen
Ballen", an initiative of Harald Wedig (2 pictures from Catherine
Wanek / 
unfortunately it does not sell as expected and would deserve a push) and
rather complete book from Astrid and Herbert Gruber "Bauen mit
Herbert indeed took most pictures from Internet. Actually I persume
might like each other if you would meet in person. He is one of the
dedicated sb-advocates and at this moment prepares the next straw
gathering in Europe together with Markus Piringer. This gathering will
place between April 4 and 7 in Austria. More on this on Herberts
asbn austrian strawbale network
<a href="http://www.baubiologie.at/"; eudora="autourl">http://www.baubiologie.at</a>
His E-Mail 
address:  asbn@...
Best wishes from the rainy - stormy North Sea coast at The Hague, 
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Verzonden: zondag 27 januari 2002 21:21 
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Onderwerp: Re: GSBN:copyright 
         Don't have the answers for Andre, though I am interested in 
knowing what they are. If anybody replies offlist, please copy me. 
         Along those lines, there was a German book (I think it was German) 
that came out a couple years ago - I saw somebody's copy at one of the 
international meetings - and it contained a number of photos of mine, 
uncredited, which the author evidently had taken off the web. I'm not upset 
- but I've always wondered how I might get a copy of that book... and 
better yet, if the authors might send me a free one in a goodwill gesture 
of thanks for the use of the pictures. Anybody know who these folks are and 
how to reach them? 
At 05:40 AM 1/27/02, la-maison-en-paille.com@...: 
>I have a question regarding copyright to those of you with publishing 
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For instructions on joining, leaving, or otherwise using the GSBN list, send email to GSBN@...HELP in the SUBJECT line.