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GSBN:Welcome to Herbert & Astrid

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 --></style><title>Welcome to Herbert &amp;
<font size="-1">Herbert and Astrid Gruber of the Austrian
Strawbale Network have just joined GSBN.</font>
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<font size="-1">Please let us know what's happening in Austria! 
And please share info about our growing database of strawbale
stuctures with your friends there -
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<font size="-1">FYI, the archives of the list are available at
http://SustainableSources.com/GSBNarchives/ .  The ID is
"straw" and the password is "bale".  
I'll try to get to loading the most recent messages in to the archives
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<font size="-1">Herbert writes:</font>
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<font size="-1">Thank you Catherine for my nomination, thank you
Bill Christensen for this offer. 
It is a honour for me to be on the list and I will do my best to only
speak/write when I have something interesting to say. On the other
side I am happy to have more - and global - informations about
strawbale construction. I will try to spread it within our network and
on our homepage. 
Best wishes, 
Herbert Gruber 
asbn austrian strawbale network 
herbert &amp; astrid gruber 
email: asbn@aon.at</font>
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Bill Christensen 
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