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Re: GSBN:Straw bale house plan book

Chris - I guess I could take issue with what you posted to the
listserve, but I would rather work with you to improve your knowlege a
bit, privately. This is along the lines of honoring the "elders" in this
"business".   I still have never seen your first book, and I wonder why.
I had heard nothing about this new book I have mentioned it several
times.  It seems like it would be possible to at least review it after
the fact.  I understand you gave Matts & Judy some credit, but did you
ever take a workshop?  Do you recommend that people take a workshop?
The trainers and educators out here who have worked many long years
don't seem to be showing up in the NEW books very much.  Nor do the NEW
authors seem to be recommending them.  Are they out of vogue?  I have
some real problems after working with the folks here since about 1996
and seeing the innovations and changes they have worked on, evolving
into so many  improvements, that I find that fact incredible.

I would think you would want to see the publications you listed. You can
see them on my web site and any other that sells books on straw bale.
I have them in stock, and they have always been carried by the Out On
Bale bookstore.   They really should be listed more accurately.  In
particular the last one is not by Tom Greenwood and Paul Weiner:

STRAW BALE PORTFOLIO 65-page portfolio by BobLanning, Architect, shows
16 designs that may be purchased for
straw-bale homes & guest houses, ranging from 500 to 2400 sq.  ft. in a
variety of styles, written description, a perspective
 drawing, floor plan, sections, & elevations.
(As far as I know, the agreement that I have with Bob Lanning is an
exclusive distributorship.  Catherine buys it from me and will have it
on hand)

STRAW-BALE HOME PLANS  by Stephen Kemble describes 10 straw-bale home
plans designed to maximize materials-efficiency and ease of
construction.  Designs meet UBC and building codes. The houses range
from 720 to 2550  sq ft.   Engineer-stamped (four  plans are completed &
available for purchase).


This s the first I have heard about this new book. There are many people
I know who are working on a book for small sb houses.  Have you
contacted anyone out in this neck of the woods to ask?

I would appreciate a personal response to this email.

Joelee Joyce
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