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GSBN:A couple thoughts, a bit of news

<x-flowed iso-8859-1> First (responding to an email that I don't think was intended to have been posted to the entire list), I think there's just as much of a responsibility for the old folks of SB to get to know the new ones as vice versa. Entire societies crumble and are reborn because the old guard becomes insulated, unaware of what powerful changes the young'ns are up to.

In my most jaded moments I'd say that it's human nature not to learn from the past - much to the detriment of humans and everything around them. This is as much a statement about "new" people as "old" ones, in strawbale or anything else.

On a similar note, there are some just plain bad listings in the most recent TLS Resources issue. A particularly egregious example is the CEDN planbook, which has been cited here twice in as many days. This planbook has not been available for three years. Because I felt it was a ridiculous to include resources that were no longer available, I deleted the listing during my editorship at TLS. I have no idea how or why it resurfaced.

That said, I agree with Catherine's assessment of what it was. Her statement that the designs were "mid-west in character" brought to mind yet another terrific article from TLS past (#13, Winter 1996), this one penned by Paul Lacinski, co-author of the book Serious Strawbale, with Amy Klippenstein, titled "Regional Identity: Questions for the Nebraska-Style House." The article can be found online, for the time being, at http://www.strawhomes.com/main/back/13_6a.html


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From: Mikael Westermarck Mikael.Westermarck@...
Subject: Clarification on SB structures is published
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Dear friends and colleagues,

We have now finished a clarification on straw bales as a construction material in the wooden buildings of farms. The report in Finnish is published in our web site http://www.hut.fi/Yksikot/LRT/Olkipaalirakentaminen and can be downloaded without charge. In case your studies in Finnish language are not so far yet you can still exploit the structural design part of the publication which is illustrated with several drawings. The project was carried out mostly as an international clarification and no new tests were done in the project. However we made some calculations about the condensation of water vapour in different circumstances and the result was that in our climate which is very humid there should be used some kind a water vapour barrier (minimum of 40x109 m2 s Pa/kg) in the animal houses. The structures of residential houses however can desorb the amount of water during the warm period that is adsorbed during the cold period. There are two follow up measurements of RH inside the bale structures going on in Finland but unfortunately the results were not yet ready to be reported in this publication.

We want to send especial thanks for following people for providing us important material for this clarification:
· Markus Piringer, GLOBAL 2000, Austria
· Hannes Hohensinner, Gruppe Angepasste Technologie / Technische Universität Wien, Austria · Rob Jolly, Department of Civil Engineering and School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, Canada
· John Straube, Canada

Please feel free to pass this information to anybody who might have use of it.

Best regards,

Mikael Westermarck

Tel.  +358-(0)40-7364277, Fax. +358-(0)9-43982857