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Re: GSBN:List of list members

At 03:58 AM 2/8/02, you wrote:
>A year or two ago it slipped in under TLS for
>its role as ad hoc advisory board.

Yes, that I remember - having been the one who kept pushing Catherine for it... and of course it didn't happen until I was about to bail on TLS, and its never been utilized as I envisioned. But at least it's there.

Anyway, I thought you meant you were getting paid directly to be moderator. I guess in a sense you are, since the list is hosted at greenbuilder and that's you.

I'm glad TLS is continuing to pay for it. I've had some emails with Joyce Coppinger, and I know she plans to make greater use of it when she takes over TLS, so it seems you will continue to get paid.