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GSBN: Digest for 2/13/02

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-> TLS #38, Roofs & Foundations
     by Chris Magwood cmagwood@...


Date: 13 Feb 2002 23:04:42 -0600
From: Chris Magwood cmagwood@...
Subject: TLS #38, Roofs & Foundations

Hello GSBNers,

I'm starting to harvest material for our upcoming TLS issue on Roofs and
Foundations, and I'm hoping I can enlist some of you for direction, advice
and material.

In 1996, TLS #16 featured "Good Shoes", which gave a lot of information
about foundation options. This issue included a large table that described
and rated various foundations. Without repeating that same information, I'm
hoping to garner from our collective experiences since then what foundation
styles, materials and construction techniques have proven themselves over
that time.
I'm looking for:
- -actual case studies (with detailed costs and material usage)
- -product reviews (Rastra, Faswall, etc, or various concrete formulations)
- -insulation options
- -a theoretical or actual case study from an engineering point of view, ie,
the numbers and forces at play in foundation design, in layman's terms
- -leads on unconventional foundations that have been code approved or shown
themselves to be reliable
- -a variety of climatic scenarios
- -leads on interesting people/existing material for reprint
- -good technical drawings of good foundation designs

For the "Hat" portion of the issue, I'm looking for:
- -actual case studies (again with detailed cost/material breakdown)
- -product reviews (ie, manufactured trusses, steel trusses, various
sheathings, etc)
- -insulation options, including thoughts on bales as roof insulation
- -leads on good people to talk to about living roofs, thatch, slate, and
other traditional roofing systems
- -good technical drawings
- -thoughts on the aesthetics of roof design
- -photos of "cool" roofs
- -leads on interesting people/existing material for reprint

I'm hoping that we can present a lot of valuable, interesting material in
this issue, and that it will be useful to owner/builders and professionals

Ready to be stunned by your responses...




Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction



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